Sunday, August 15, 2010

exam coming!!

exam cOming!!...
aQ blum ready lg utk exam yg bkl dtg nie..
UB OgOs..
aduhai, i'm really2 stress..
sej, bm, pa, pp,muet, 1 ape pn x ready lg..
i'm nOt ready yet!!..
what shOuld i dO?..
herm......(i dOn't knOw)
study?..hOmewOrk menimbun mcm gunung..
mane ade mse nk study..
hOmewOrk je da menimbun..
study?..lg la x ade mase..
i dOn't knOw hOw shOuld i dO..
what shOuld i dO?..
i'm really cOnfused..
study!! study!! study!! study!!
i must tO study tO get straigt A's..
peOple can dO, me tOO..
sO, i'm must tO change my self..
tO becOme a teacher..
aQ msti kejar cite2 aQ, utk m'jd s'Org guru..
azam utk m'jd s'Org guru harus aQ capai..
yes!! is the answer..
sO, frOm nOw, i must study..
i must change my self..
yes!! yes!! yes!! yes!!

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